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So, what is the
  JDI Future Trip Project?

Allows getting closer to people, for a richer life. A dynamic experience through interface. Utilizing the technological skills we have built up to date, this is a project where we are promoting creating value, and not just providing value added services or solutions.


Japan Display Inc. (hereinafter, JDI) was born with the merger of the Small Medium liquid crystal display(LCD) business of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi Ltd.. in 2012. We are talking Sony's system technology for realizing new functionality, Toshiba's semi-conductor technology that leads high definition, and Hitachi's optical and materials technology supporting beautiful imagery. Utilizing their respective strengths, we have been proud to hold the world's top share in the Small Medium display segment, for not only smartphones, but also automobile, medical, as well as VR/AR. Further, with the LTPS (Low Temperature Poly Silicon) technology, we are providing more attractive displays for products such as high definition, low power consumption, and narrow displays.

Value creation, that doesn't end with being a simple display manufacturer

In October 2017, Yoshiaki Ito, who was came on board as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), has presented 3 basic marketing strategies for the growth of the business, being "Speedy transformation supporting the 2nd foundation", "Corporate communication where you can see their face", and "Value creation not limited to manufacturing". Moreover, internal posting was done for the first time since the establishment of JDI, where we started a new organization for promoting marketing and innovation, from April 2018. Through the advancements in technology, such as 5G×IoT×AI etc., the possibilities of displays have grown exponentially. We will provide interfaces for seeing, listening, touching, smelling and tasting, that are not limited to just manufacturing, working to create new experiences, utilizing the world's top share technology.

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CMO / Yoshiaki Ito

In global corporations, such as Japan Coca Cola, Dell, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) etc., he has worked to improve brand recognition, recover performance, expand market share, establish new sales records, etc., working on business restructuring. In 2014, he was appointed to the President and CEO of Haier Asia Group, and was able to take this company (formerly Sanyo Electronics) from being in the red, on a consolidated basis, in 2015, to in the black within his first year there. From 2017, he joined Japan Display, and now serves as the CMO.

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